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Day 6 at LS Ranch

February 21, 2014

I decided to play with Keeper and my new string horse, Zeke.  Zeke is a really nice Friesien gelding, about 7 years old. I rode him as a 4 year old when I was last here.  He’s come a long way since then!

This was a full day with a lot of information to absorb.

Exercises: canter, sweep, canter in a large figure 8.  Great exercise for lead development.
Trot with the nose in, then out. Haunches in, then out.

Dave wanted me to help Zeke get better by asking him to be more round.  This was a little tougher for me in the hackamore, so it was good for me to feel Zeke and help him understand my ask.

Zeke - 4th horse in my string

Zeke – 4th horse in my string

Keeper started off ok, but then Dave wanted me to really ask her for lots of transitions.  He rode with me a bit, helping me find the transitions quickly.  She seemed to get very anxious and I had a harder time getting her to relax.  I understand his theory here, but I imagine it would take 2 days straight of it before Keeper would find relaxation.  We discussed it briefly and he explained that there are 2 schools of thought on how to handle a horse like Keeper.  I want to keep thinking about how I’d approach that horse.  I did eventually get her to be slightly more relaxed.  She wanted to put her nose in the air a lot today.

We fixed the arena drag, cleaned up some old hay, I helped Dave get a truck to the shop and then we met at his house for a Richard Caldwell video.  Excellent video, tons of information.  I highly recommend this video become part of any horseman’s library.

Some random notes from my day (for me to do further research):

Doug Williamson – horseman Dave goes to for further education

Light hands horsemanship, hawaii guy – find out who this is

Richard Caldwell, Mike Bridges, Martin Black – top 3 hackamore experts in Dave’s eyes.  Richard Caldwell passed away last year.

Put the chin on the shoulder.  Something I’ve never asked a horse to do.  Great exercise to test/help a horse turn loose.

Advice:  Go learn from those who know more than you, but don’t let them tell you how to do it.

Read the working cow horse web site mission statement.  Working cow horse association is all about preserving the vaquero style of horsemanship.

There are two ways to approach developing the horse, natural and normal.  Either they are ducking the punch or looking for the release. Natural is the latter. Our goal is have the horse looking for the answers, not just ducking punches.  Loved this.

Ask the horse to perform at some point. Even if it’s just 10 strides of some performance, can the horse hold it together without you reminding him of his job?  Test and allow the performances with your horse.

Leon Herald, cutting horse guy. Used to be with Pat.  Research more.

On spurs:  Rowers with more points are softer, solid is more aggressive. Drop needs to get the point into the ribs only when you want, not all the time.

Leg yield means still going forward. Sidepass has no forward.

Primary purpose of a hackamore : teach a house self carriage, which is physical and mental.

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  1. Amy permalink
    Here’s your “light hands horsemanship”guy from the big island go Hawaii. Lester Buckley. . I think we should take our families on vacation to the islands where we could participate in his “Winter riding clinic – western dressage. “. Everyone old be happy!!!

  2. Amy permalink

    March 1, 2014

    Barnfly Farms Springfield, TN

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    March 8, 2014

    Livingston County Equine Association Smithland, KY

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    March 22, 2014

    Rockin Dollar Arena

    Castalian Springs, TN

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    April 5, 2014

    Lyon County Saddle Club

    Eddyville, KY

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    NWCHA is proud to have been selected as a member in the “Pick Tennessee Products” (PTP) program by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.


    Here you go Tia…. Working cow horse mission statement.
    The National Working Cow Horse Association (NWCHA) is an organization deeply rooted in farm and ranch work and is dedicated to promoting ranching, agriculture and the working cow horse. Our mission is to promote and recognize, in a fun, family-oriented environment, the hard work, commitment and dedication of ranching, agriculture and the working cow horse; and to encourage the development and breeding of better working cow.

  3. Amy permalink
    Not sure if tis is the right guy??? And/or webste??

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