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Day 7 at LS Ranch

February 21, 2014

I felt a little low this morning. I’ve done a lot of learning and plenty of hadn’t been absorbed yet. Lots of thoughts swirling on my head and the pressure of trying to own all the new information. I’m sure I was also feeling homesick, missing my family and my life.

I arrived a little late and was immediately given Flash to ride and Houston to pony on the track for 5 miles. Houston is the Road to the Summit horse for Dave and Jody. He’s a long yearling that needs exercise as well as time finding the feel and yielding to pressure. He tickled me as we trotted along, not wanting to lead up. It was like pulling a boulder down the trail at times.  He seemed to get a little better by the end.

Then, we talked a little with Dave about the Richard Caldwell dvd we’d watched the night before. I announced to Dave that I was feeling a little full and I was going to step back a bit today and play with all the new information (meaning, go easy on me today -I’ve go nowhere to put anything new! )  🙂  He understood and acknowledged that I had been learning non-stop for 7 days already. Pressure off, thankfully.

I decided to pull Zeke out and no other horse. The plan was to ride one and develop that house a bit, then with the 2nd one we’d go find the cows. I decided Zeke would be my guy for all of it.

Laid back day with Zeke

Laid back day with Zeke

We trotted out on the back 270 acres in search of the cows. Once we found them, we took turns sorting one out and putting it at a specific place. I really enjoy this type of horse time – it was just what I needed. Zeke moves slower but we were still able to quickly sort out our cow each time and convince it to go stand near my chosen spot. Fun stuff!!  I wish I had cows at home.

I’m feeling good in the hackamore. The hackamore is designed to help the horse develop the vertical while the snaffle is designed for the lateral. I focus a lot on never pulling the horse, always tugging and bumping when necessary, and only ever using 1 rein. It’s working quite well.

I helped a little more with hooves, just looking at Martina’s work and offering my perspective. She’s doing a nice job and I totally understand wanting as much feedback as possible when you’re still figuring out the barefoot trim.

I helped get the horses fed and a few other quick chores, then called it a day.

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  1. Jennypoo permalink

    Hang in there Tia! You are there not just for you but for all those people and horses you will touch in the future. Loving reading your blog entries. So inspiring.

  2. Amy permalink

    Love, love your daily blogs. It’s a highlight of my day, sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and absorbing your words. Your pictures of LS Ranch are helpful visuals. I sure miss the CA central valley and it’s beautiful oak trees and rolling hills. Keep up the good work Tia! It will be fun picking your brain when you come home. Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the adventure with me, Amy. After getting home last night, I’ve had time to reflect. I think I need to write a summary for myself to capture the most important bits in one post.

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