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Day 8 at LS Ranch

February 22, 2014

Started with the trotting track for 5 miles on Majja today, ponying Houston.  Majja is a really nice Friesien mare, sporty and forward. It was nice to ride her and compare her to Zeek, the friesien gelding in my string. Houston did better as a pony horse for Majja than Flash. I think Flash was having his own discussion with Houston and causing Houston to want more space.


Majja (pronounced “Maya”) after our 5 mile trot

I really enjoy exercising the horses on the trotting track. It reminds me on endurance riding, which is enjoy so much. The ranch is so beautiful and there’s an abundance of wildlife. The coyotes and not very shy here, so I see at least one each time. They are bigger that the Colorado coyote. I have also seen several bobcats, which are so cool!  Then you’ve got the cows and the ravens, adding color to the scenery. It’s a great way to start the day.

I decided on Cuda and Joaquin for my day rides. I started with Joaquin. Things were going well, but Dave still wants me leaning back more in the canter. This is more a western style of riding and I’ve been doing a lot of English dressage.  It’s quite ok, helps me develop more versatility in my riding. It’s just not in my muscle memory, yet.

I enjoy riding Joaquin. He’s got a little more whoa than go, but he has nice gaits and a willing mind. He rides a little like a youngster in the hackamore. I switched today to the 5/8th inch, but I didn’t feel much of a difference. I played a lot with counter arcs and tried to work up to the canter. I got sidetracked thinking about my position in the saddle, so I think I’ll try more tomorrow.

After that, I hopped on Cuda for a shorter ride. Played with transitions with her as she is very forward and you don’t have a lot of stopping power in a hackamore.  She has amazing lateral movement and she did nicely with counter bends. I cantered her some in the 100′ round pen, then rode her up the big hill to check on the water tank.

Overall,  a nice day of putting some of the new info into practice.  Only 2 days left for learning at the ranch!

After chores, watched more Richard Caldwell with Martina and Ilena. Great stuff.

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  1. adriana oliveira permalink

    so much happened on your last few days at the ranch. Looks like like you still had lots of fun even on low moments. good job Tia, you are a re very good role model. 🙂 thanks for sharing all these with us

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