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Day 9 at LS Ranch

February 24, 2014

Jody was back in action with us this morning.  She wanted to work on some things with us after riding her own horse on the trotting track.  I started with Joaquin, playing a lot with his transitions.  He developed a habit of dumping on the forehand with down transitions and I talked to Dave about how best to help him stay light on the fore.  Dave had me playing with transitioning back up to higher speeds whenever Joaquin would assume a stop or down transition, first of all.  Joaquin seems to be always be hunting the stop.  That helped him to maintain the gait and stop taking every opportunity to slow down or stop.  Then, I played with down transitions where he weighted the hind better.  I was having a lot of fun with this and Joaquin was getting better and better.

Then, worked with Jody on my equitation with Ricky.  This was a very interesting session for me!  I continued trying to develop more structure in my torso while staying loose in my legs.  I was using my pelvic only to ride the up and down transitions and then staying upright through my shoulders.  This is a level of discipline in my riding that will help me continue to improve for dressage.  I worked on my sitting trot the most.  Ricky also dumps on the forehand, like Joaquin, but Ricky is quite a master at it.  He tends to be heavier on the forehand so we tried to help him by getting his hind more engaged.  We played with haunches in, which was tough for cute Ricky.

I asked Jody to ride him so I could see how she handled him differently than I was.  It was probably good that she hopped on as she got to feel the way he responds.  He’s a little tougher for finding fluidity because of the way he moves, and he’s reactive as you ask for more.  I saw though, Jody is more demanding of responsiveness than I and I can do much more.  Ricky can be so light and quite athletic and when I got back on, I was able to get a slightly different feel from him with my higher expectations.  I had some nice canter strides where he felt like he was on his toes ready to do anything.  I’m sure this horse could do tempe changes with ease.  Pretty cool to ride!

The ranch manager was gone for the day, so Ilena and I did all the chores and I was beat by 5:30pm and ready for bed!  I must be getting old.

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  1. Lonnie L Wilson permalink

    I love the read your blogs because I am forced to remember the names of the horses. . I come to realized that the horses are teachers at times and you accept that well/ So proud of you Tia!

    • The horse teaches me to be better than anyone can. I’m a student of the horse first and foremost. Luckily, there are lots of people out there who can help me become a better student. Thank you for reading my blog! I love the feedback!

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